1 in 4 children will graduate from high school with irreversible hearing damage. (NYC Vital Signs, 2013)

The hearing loss can be with these kids for 70 to 80 years.- Dr. Sean McMenomey, Director of Otology at New York University

I feel safe knowing my kids are using the Sounds 85.- Kim K. M.A., Speech Pathologist with her children




Sounds 85:

  • Sounds from headphones & earbuds are kept safe (below 85db)

  • Sounds 85 works with all phones, buds, music players and videos

  • The Sound quality is unaffected

Prevent hearing loss by using the Sounds 85.

How often have you told your children to “keep that music down”? When they are wearing head phones or ear buds, it hasn’t been possible for you to monitor exactly how the sound volume is affecting their ears, until now. Sounds 85 has created an easy solution to help save a child’s (or anyone’s) hearing. Our simple product attaches to your headphone or earbud cord and works with all audio devices, such as mp3 players, phones and even tablets. Sounds are kept below the 85 db level, which protects against hearing damage caused by headphone or earbud use.